Welcome to the United States of America.  Some of the most important gay cities in the USA that we will cover include: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, New York City, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Portland, Provincetown, San Diego, San Franciso and others as well.

Apart from Canadians and those entering under the Visa Waiver Program, foreign visitors need to obtain a visa from a US consulate or embassy.  Go to for all the detailed visa information and forms.

The legal drinking age is 21 years old.  Be sure have your ID on you when you go out, as you WILL get carded.  If you are visiting from another country, it’s best to have your passport with you.

The US Dollar is the standard currency.Tipping is standard practice across America. In city restaurants, tipping 15% of the bill is expected; less is OK in an informal diner, while top-end restaurants expect 20%. Bartenders expect $1 per drink. Taxi drivers and hairdressers expect 10% to 15%. Skycaps at airports and porters at nice hotels expect $1 a bag or so. It’s polite to leave a few dollars for the hotel maid, especially if you spend several nights.