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San Onofre State Beach: San Clemente

Lying just past the nuclear power plant is San Onofre State Park, which many use for camping, surfing, hiking and sunning.  Down the cliffs was a nude beach for many straight sunbathers, with the gay section a good 45 minute walk down the beach on the other side of the fence within the boundaries of the Camp Pendleton military base.   Nudity is on longer permitted and the military have attempted to close off the fence to prohibit people from crossing beach.  Some gays still go to lay out in the buff  and cruise the cliffs. Mostly older crowd, some military and an occasional naked surfer.  As this is a State Park, you need to pay daily (or a seasonal pass) to drive your car in.  Once in the main gate, drive along the one road until it ends at Trial 6.  Park where you can (be mindful that some parking is for campers only) and walk down the steep dirt trial all the way to the beach.  Don’t pack a lot of stuff – its a good workout getting down and back up.  Once on the beach, turn to you left and walk 30-45 minutes until you see a metal fencing which indicates you are entering Camp Pendleton military base… keep walking until you see naked men!  Exit the 5 fwy at  Basilone Rd and follow signs to San Onofre State Park. You”ll pass the San Onofre Nuclear Facility on your right. At the end of the road, you’ll reach the park entrance.

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